How You Would Ruin Things In Guild Wars 2

A lot of us like to talk trash about the direction the devs are taking or how much better our own ideas are.

That’s not this thread.

This thread, we discuss terrible ideas we have for Guild Wars 2 that we would force down the throats of the player base if we, the players, were in charge.

Starting off with me:

Scarlet Briar’s whole story goes from being obsessed with waking a dragon and instead is a war monger looney who wants to experience first hand the horror of wars like seen during the height original Guild Wars. She is also now fat. And short. Basically she becomes The Major from Hellsing only a bigger wannabe because she never actually has fought the wars she’s dreamed of. In otherwords, the whole firsr arc of the Living Story is about how Scarlet Briar wants Guild Wars 2.

Gem Shop cosmetics! You think it’s bad now? You have no idea! Put me in charge and loads of anime junk will flood this story, like Fate/Stay Night weapon skins, cross promotional with Team Fortress 2 (Who else wants the Sandman bat as a scepter skin with special baseball projectiles?), and then there will be putting all the old GW armor and costume skins in the store.

Semi-canonizing/sly references to I an my RP friend’s GW roleplay, both past and present. So there will be references to a Krytan Minister of Education who is the headmaster of the Krytan Academy and said to be “far older than he looks”. There will be references to a NOT!Polynesian Island archipelago somewhere west in the Endless Sea populated by humans. Leading to my second point:

Nuts to this racial diversity and importance junk! HUMAN PRIDE, TYRIA WIDE!

Actually, I would give special attention to other races, for example have the Sylvari fractured even more into groups like The Fir Bolg (very martially focused group), The Tuatha De Dannan (worship Dwayna and are magically inclined), Camelot (takes up the knight and chivalry stuff to eleven), and The Red Caps (sociopathic psychos even the Nightmare Court are scared of).

Related to the above: more racial sub factions for everyone! Charr now have to deal with tons of deserters/AWOL, Norn have a group of blood knights who just like fighting everything that’s in weapon/arms reach, The Asura ‘nations’ basically becomes Shadowrun. (Hahahaha! Time to hack kitten Tech Krewe!)

Also: MOUNTS! MOUNTS EVERYWHERE! Because I would double the size of all maps and make waypoints fewer and further between! Get running!

I think I’ll stop there for now. Let people recover from their stroke, heartattack, hernia combo.

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