Please Remove Map Completion From Pvp Areas In Guild Wars 2

What I would like to see happen to map completion is:

  • Separate WvW from “World Completion” (the actual title, it isn’t ‘map completion’ but world completion – which doesn’t make sense seeing how WvW isn’t part of ‘the world’), giving it its own achievement and rewards, adding the PvP hub, Heart of the Mists, and Edge of the Mists into it (I don’t recall if PoI in EotM are automatically unlocked, but if they are then they shouldn’t be with this change – furthermore, adding vistas and skill challenges to Edge of the Mists to make it more worthwhile to complete).
  • Add Dry Top and Southsun Cove to World Completion; add a series of skill challenges and vistas to Southsun Cove to make it more challenging (perhaps new Points of Interests too), with a reward being a reduced equivilant of standard map completion (as they’re smaller than normal zones) – given their level, perhaps 1 exotic, 20 Karka Shells/Geodes, and 1 Transmutation Charge (plus standard exp).
  • Make Claw Island an open zone that becomes accessible after Retribution, the PoI and areas having to be discovered as they are elsewhere (old characters who’ve discovered them would be grandfathered in). Add in a couple vistas and skill challenges and a single waypoint to expand its completion. Reward for completing this would be city-level due to minimal danger in the zone.
  • Make Labyrinthine Cliffs permanent, altered for a non-Zephyrite season, and add to World Completion – add a few PoI, vistas, and skill challenges to expand it a bit; it’d give city rewards due to immensely small size and lack of danger (better than Chantry with its one PoI for exp-only reward). Alternatively, creating some permanent events involving locals could merit a small raise in stakes, perhaps, to just crafting materials + transmutation charge + exp?

I feel that such a change would allow WvW’ers to have their own completable mapping achievement, while PvE’ers don’t become “forced” into WvW, regardless of how easy one can argue the WvW mapping is, but don’t have an easier time at World Completion than they would with simply cutting out WvW from mapping.

And hell, I’d probably add uncovering areas to map completion too, just so that people have to uncover the whole world.

They are currently the ONLY requirement of the Legendary that requires you to actually venture out of the safe haven of the spawn point in WvW.

If they changed the requirements for the Gift of Battle to require players to actually play WvW, then I would not have an issue with the WvW requirement being removed. But a legendary should mean that the player has experience with all parts of the game that you can take a legendary to. Yes, I hate that the legendaries are on the TP. It cheapens them incredibly. To the point of it has no wow factor in game. Because enough people are in the business of making legendaries and too many players whipped out their credit card and bought one with money. Farming to get cheap gw2 gold is a middle ground. It takes a lot to buy one off of the TP so that means tons of hours playing and those who try to do it as quickly as possible do tend to hop from one activity to the next as ANet likes to nerf farms.

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