Guild Wars 2 Is The Cheapest MMO

Honestly, GW2 is the cheapest MMO to play so, I don’t really see the issue of fracturing the player base since, for over 2 years all anyone had to do to play all the content was buy the box once. An expansion likely wouldn’t be released for yet another year so… that $60 got players 3 years of having the current content. I don’t see an issue with adding a $40 expansion, and I believe it would have a greater impact on motivation for people to play and for former players to return. Plus, some of the changes to the expac would likely also be included as patch download for the original game.

What should be in an expac of GW2? My wish list:

  • 2 new weaponsets per class (doesn’t need to be entirely new weapons like a halberd or 2-hand axe… but take the existing weapons and give other classes new skills with them like an Engineer with a Hammer for instance)
  • 4-6 new zones
  • Bring back the Heart quests for the new zones. I know they get gw2 gold, but I actually enjoy doing them on my alts
  • 2 new open world raid bosses to start with (more as time progresses). Maybe allow guilds to open a personal overflow of the fight so they can get their guild in there first, and then bring in non-guildies to fill out the ranks
  • 2 new dungeons with 3 wings each
  • 2 new fractals
  • Re-vamped WvW system that combines two servers on one team based on active wvw server participation. The WvW maps would have to either be increased in number, or increased in size/objectives to deal with the influx of players per match. This would allow the really low pop servers to be joined with Tier 1 servers like BG, JQ and TC. The middle servers like Yak’s Bend would be paired up with another mid-level server in the hopes of evening out the playing field.
  • Add 2 new battlegrounds that are NOT conquest (ie: A Capture the Flag battleground). Also consider making those battlegrounds optimal with larger numbers of players (ie: 10v10, 15v15)
  • Revamp hotjoin sPvP to allow partied players to queue in together. Take Courtyard out behind the paywall (freaking horrible decision to do this in the first place)
  • Increase level cap by 10 levels (I’m on the fence about this… though, I am still conditioned to enjoy level based progression)
  • Increase the ways in which players can obtain ascended gear. As of now, crafting should not be the only truly viable option to get ascended weapons and armor. You should be able to get, at the very least, tokens from fighting Teq or Wurm or high level fractals to then save and spend on ascended weapons and armor
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