Guild Wars 2 Third Soldier Class

One of the problems with a third Solider profession is that the two existing ones are already covering a lot of ground. Adding a “Lancer” profession wouldn’t work because adding non-aquatic spears and tridents means Warriors and Guardians would likely get them as well, so that archetype would be handled by the existing professions. “Samurai” doesn’t work for the same reason; adding Japanese swords to the game means the other Solider professions are likely to get them and can fill that role much easier. Likewise with Barbarian / Berserker: the Warrior already possesses a lot of that archetype’s trademarks.

In the same vein, a “Deathknight” feels like it would be stepping on both necromancers (“Evil Magic”) and Guardians (“Armored Magic users”). Likewise for “Steamknights” (engineer territory). There’s so little overlap with the existing professions that having some kind of “Warrior + other Profession” approach just won’t work. Look at the Mesmer, a profession unlike any other in MMOs. That’s that kind of approach we would need.

– It cannot be unique solely on the basis of a new weapon type.
– It will not borrow or overlap with any other profession’s theme or playstyle.
– It will need a unique mechanic that is substantially different from anything else in-game.

So, an actual suggestion?

Archetype Keywords: Mastermind, Specialist, Tactician, Assassin, Sage, Debuffer
A soldier that combines rigid physical training with a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, the Slayer is an artist on the battlefield. Where a painter sees shapes and color, the Slayer sees openings and vulnerabilities, missteps and opportunities. Pit them against any foe and watch as strengths melt into weaknesses; to face a Slayer is to face both sharpened blade and mind working in perfect harmony.

Profession Mechanic: “Favored Enemy”
The Slayer’s profession mechanic is built around studying their target to learn their weaknesses. This is represented by a “Focus” gauge that fills as players use their F1 skill (which changes based on weapon choice) and various Utility skills. When the focus gauge is half full, the F2 skill unlocks, while players must wait until it is completely full to utilize the F3 skill. Note that Focus is not an energy type; it is not consumed by using skills.

These F2 and F3 skills change depending on what type of enemy is targeted, and are tailor made to inflict the most harm. For example, facing a magic-using enemy gives the Slayer skills that are built to disadvantage casters (such as a F2 Leap attack and an F3 interrupt). Facing a physical combatant would grant skills that keep them at range, such as an evasive strike and an immobilize.

F2 is always a damage or condition-inflicting ability and usually has a short cooldown.
F3 is always a control or defensive ability, such as immobilize, daze or block.

Weapon Selection:

  • One Hand: Axe, Sword
  • Off Hand: Axe, Sword, Pistol, Dagger, Torch
  • Two Hand: Rifle, Shortbow
  • Aquatic: Harpoon Gun, Spear


  • Extra Weapons: The Slayer is always prepared. Extra Weapon skills are just that; small weapons the Slayer keeps on his person for special situations. They function like reverse signets; instead of granting a passive effect that ends when activated, they grant a special passive effect only while the skill is on cooldown.
    • Example: “Sidearm” – Fire a shot that dazes and cripples from a backup pistol. While recharging, endurance regeneration is increased.
  • Shouts: The Slayer’s shouts are all used to call out an enemy’s weak spot, giving all allies who attack that enemy a bonus. Shouts are also the primary utility skills for generating Focus.
    • Example: “No Mercy!” – Weaken the enemy and remove one boon. If already weakened, inflict x stacks of Torment.
  • Predictions: Prediction skills work similar to the Guardian’s virtues; they can function as passive auras that affect the player and surrounding allies, or they can be activated to gain an immediate effect.
    • Example: “Do your Worst” – Grants x toughness to all nearby allies. Activate to gain retaliation and stability.
  • Traps: The Slayer can use traps to help subdue their prey. Focus is generated by attacking enemies that are under the effect of a trap.
    • Example: “Flare Trap” – Set a trap that fires a blinding signal flare when triggered. Increases visibility of enemy within the area of effect, increasing the chance to critically hit them by x%.
  • Assault: The Slayer has several specialized attacks used to disable or manipulate foes with their sheer lethality.
    • Example: “Blunt Force Trauma” – A powerful blow that knocks the target down for x seconds and inflicts x seconds of confusion.
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