Guild Wars 2 Highly Organised Group Content: UI Assistance

My name is Mkkoll and I come from a large PvE community in the EU. We have regularly scheduled Wurm and Tequatl kills daily with a high rate of success. Most days we achieve 3 Tri-wurm kills and many of the commanders and organizers in the community work very hard to achieve and maintain this rate of success.

It takes alot of effort. 30+ minutes worth of effort making players wait around.

However, some of us feel that the game could help us more to organise these events. I will use Tri-Wurm as an example of what I mean by listing the problems we encounter during setup.

Problem 1: For Tri-wurm, it is very important to get a large group of dedicated and willing (i.e on VOIP) players into a map. We solve this by organising a ‘mass-jump’ into Bloodtide Coast at the same instant in order to force the server to pop a new megaserver map. Commanders then scout out for this new map and announce that maps’ /ip in the the Teamspeak. This is clunky, doesn’t always work, is confusing for new players to ‘mass-jumping’ and is essentially gaming the game in order to get gw2 gold for our kill attempt. This shouldn’t need to happen and is a time-consuming and un-fun but necessary part of the event.

Proposed Solution: A few things actually. Guild-spawned World Bosses should have the option to create a new map regardless of the populations of current maps. Then all players have a selectable list of current open megaserver maps from the UI so we can communicate better which map we are on. “We are in Map 3, please jump there”. This is an elegant and more easily communicable way to fill a map with participating players. The map is of course fair game to any random player that happens to pop up in it as other maps may be full. Guilds etc will just have to accept this.

Risks: Problems I can see with this of course is that your average pug might never get to see these events in action as all the big communities/guilds are off in their own private instances doing the content. I have a workaround for this that might just work! (see below) Players clearly not participating, i.e doing world completion on a ‘guild spawned’ map may be shouted out by the guild or community on that map. Guilds and communities may get a “this is our map! get out” mentality. Personally i’d say to them, “This is everybodys map, get on with it”. We need to pull together as a community and stamp this kind of thing out if it was to ever happen.


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