Best solo build for sustained Albion Online pve

Now that the test has been running for a few days we have Albion Online Gold had the ability to test out a few weapon/armor combinations but it doesn’t feel like we have found a good combination. After theory crafting through the destiny board we tried the following combinations :

T3 AXE/Shield / (Plate,Leather,Cloth) : The heal from the axe didnt seem to be calculating correctly and you would burn through energy to quick. The cool down for the heal on the axe was too long and the overall damage from abilities seemed to be lacking compared to the mace and other weapons. None of the armors did enough to make the axe more viable besides the energy abilities on the cloth armor.

T3 Mace/Shield /(Plate,Leather,Cloth) : The overall damage felt good and I liked the ability to control fights better with 2 silences. Energy was not an issue but not having a heal ability had me relying more on my chest piece for this, which meant more down time. Trying out different armor combinations didnt help with sustain overal but it feel plate was best.

What should ones expectations be about sustain and what tier differences can you defeat while limiting down time?

When I was fight creatures on even level, I seem to sustain pretty well but when fighting creatures that are t4 we have mixed results. Skeletons seem to be manageable but the giants reck me pretty Albion Online Power Leveling good.

Suggestions ?

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