I really really like playing the blade and soul summoner

OK so I really really like playing the Blade And Soul Gold summoner, once relase it is going to be my main class. I know that it is a Lyn ONLY class which is all fine and dandy; however, what in the world is with all of the ugly outfits!!!! You see all the other classes and most of them look awesome or okay and then you see them on the Lyn and it is just bubble shorts and more bubble shorts and wait even MORE bubble shorts. I think I have seen like maybe 4-6 of the outfits that look cute cause they are a dress but like 90% of ALL the costumes are all like exactly the same ugly style of bubble shorts/pants….I dont know how many people will agree with me, but in my opinion I think that the Lyn needs to get some MAJOR upgrades for their costumes. What fun is it to collect all the costumes when they are so freakin ugly you dont even want to bother?

1. To redesign existing costumes entails original developers

2. The only time anyone spent any time on existing in game costumes was to censore the Chinese release. And even that was way less work and simpler than adapting Yun or Jin versions to lyn bodies

3. Redesigning existing costumes makes them no money

4. Redesigning existing outfits is likely to *cricket* off people. Whether more than the people wanting the change, up for debate

As such it is highly unlikely you will ever see re-design of existing outfits.
It’d be more realistic to ask for new Buy Blade & Soul Gold additions to fit your aesthetic preference.

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