3rd Party Programs, albion online Manipulating and Cheating Ingame

To anyone who knows about the speedhacking an isolated few members of our guild Zero Quality were conducting; I have a brief statement / Albion Online Gold message.

It has recently come to Zero Quality’s attention that we had members being banned specifically ‘Calmwind” and ‘Bananas” before there is a post like “Vendetta #1 Cheaters” I would like to, on behalf of Zero Quality, apologize and condemn all actions that have taken place.

We had no knowledge of these cheating players and would have immediately reported/removed them from guild if we became aware during any period of their cheating.

This is unacceptable and should be completely condemned by everyone in the Albion community.

Zero Quality personally apologizes for this abuse and is 100% against any use of cheats. We want to win on a fair and balanced scale, real success is never achieved through cheating, it has no value. And thus, is valueless to Zero Quality.

Again, There is no way to make this right. Zero Quality’s name is forever stained with the actions of a select few. Please understand and forgive the actions of these players, not the players themselves, but the fact we were too naive to stop them sooner.

Bananas and Calmwind were never with the main group, they would always be on the other continent PvP’ing with each other and one or two other members at any given time. During the time they spent pvp’ing with these other members, they would apparently toggle their ‘hacks’ off so none of them would notice. This is the reason why we as a guild did not notice them exploiting, as they stayed out of our vision.

If anyone ever catches a Zero Quality member looking suspicious or being able to do more then a player should in the game, we ask that you report it to Kelty or Delplav right away and we’ll help you investigate our member so the cheaters who do slip into our ranks are dealt with much faster. We are a public recruiting guild so there is a chance that some of the people we recruit might not be honest players, and we are truly sorry about the previously mentioned members cheating, however we ask that you understand that there is no way for us to prevent this if we continue to recruit from the Albion Online Power Leveling public, and we must recruit from the public to grow as a guild.

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