What # constitutes a zerg in Albion Online?

There has been constant talk about how the end-game of Albion is a zergfest. I, myself, have been one of the loud voices in the community saying that there is a terrible issue with zergs in end-game AO. However, it seems everyone has their own Cheap Albion Online Gold idea of what constitutes a zerg. So as a community, lets have a discussion on what number is a zerg in Albion Online.

Personally I look at zergs by comparing both sides. For instance, if I’m in a group of 3 players and we run into a group of 6+ players, I would consider that a “zerg” in that instance. I consider it this way, because at the point of having at least double the ppl when compared to the other group, there is no way for me and my group to effectively win the battle. It’s possible, but the likely hood is that it will end with my groups destruction 95-100% of the time. Now, not everyone agree’s and that is what this thread is for.

The poll is setup in static numbers or an option to explain. So let us know, what do you consider a zerg? Do you feel there is a zerg issue in Albion Online?

Respectfully I disagree. You define a zerg around a lack of equipment, skill and strategy and having numbers.

Most GvG fights that I’ve been in are using T4/5. It’s expendable. Most fights that I loot, are also T4/5. We employ numbers in excess of 7 most of the time. In situations where we’re numerically matched we would like to think we’re employing Albion Online Silver skill and strategy, but the rest of the time one side is usually retreating due to it being a numbers game.

There’s quite a bit of zerging going on by your own definition.

It’s not a bad thing though! I find it fun an enjoyable at times, and other times it makes me pine for smaller engagements but there’s no incentive to run a small group – only punishment.

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