Blade & Soul: NA/EU Is A Mess

Bots everywhere, worse performance(fps) than other regions somehow, terrible translations, and messed up and grammatically incorrect skill descriptions.
You go into Arena and it’s just destroyer bot after destroyer bot all the way to platinum. Plat used to be top 500, now it’s about top 6000. wtf man.

I have to use BNS tree site to figure out what some of my skills do cuz the in-game explanation makes no sense. This game has been out for a few months now and NCsoft still hasn’t fixed these localization problems that have been present since beta? You have to wonder if they even care, or if they’re just trying to make some quick cash. It would make sense considering how stingy they are with hongmoon coins. Japan pretty much hands their equivalent out(dragonballs) like candy. What a disgrace.


Just look at some of these skill descriptions: “Next Dragoncall and Wingstrom cast instantly Siphoned” “Resets Cooldown of Dragoncall and Wingstorm after hitting Leech”

Then you have the BNStree translation: “Dragoncall, Wingstorm has no cast time while Siphon is active” “Refreshes the cooldown of Dragoncall, Wingstorm on hit”

When the season first started there weren’t any bots in pvp yet. I had to do so much research and practice matchups day in and day out to finally hit platinum on KFM. When I did, I was also granted top 100 KFMs at rank 87. Now that same rank is not even top 600 KFMs. I recently leveled Warlock and made my way to platinum in 3 hours. I fought 33 destroyer bots. That’s it. That got me platinum.

That thing that was once a huge achievement now means absolutely nothing and other people I know who have not put anywhere near as much time and work into the game as me are getting platinum and bragging about it like they didn’t just kill 33 bots to get Blade And Soul Gold. It totally invalidates the experience for me, and I’m honestly losing interest in the game. I want my hard work to mean something and seeing low level players make it to platinum and unlock the achievement, which is something they would never see the light of day on in any other server, disgusts me. NCSoft has done absolutely nothing about this and I would say over half of the current PVP player base is destroyer bots. As you said, this is purely a disgrace. This is probably the worst management I’ve ever seen in a free MMO and their entire department should be fired after making us wait 5 years for this trash localisation.

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