Discussing and clarification about Soul Shield

Well I know the best stat and people are always looking for the top critical. Is the number 1 rule. I can see that you don’t need much hp if you know the mechanics and don’t lag too much BUT to which extend compensate sacrifice other stats like HP to reach the highest dps possible ?

Take in consideration I am not talking only about pve but also an eventual open world pvp or even when the 6vs6 arena comes out. Also some people are not rich enough or don’t want use too much money for make a perfect SS set for pve and other for pvp or just too lazy(or want put money somewhere else). I think that a strong HP Base would be better for pvp then a few more critical.

Other question is the “cap” I got info that you just need 110% hit chance(in accuracy tab) and you are good to go and critical start get “nerfed” at 60% is that correct and it makes HP more important after critical hits 60% + ? because of the term “diminishing return” that I really don’t know much about.

I have being taking accuracy as my second stat after critical(as FM) but I have alrdy like 128% + mby if possible should be better I change some accuracy to maybe evasion or defense ?

Accuracy may be important but as long as you hit around 110% (which is easily achievable btw) you are basically good for 95% of PvE content with Blade And Soul Gold. Only Blackwyrm requires you to have 120%+ Accuracy for consistent hits.

For Open World PvP, you may want to build on Crit Defense in addition to HP.

Actually, from 50% onwards you would need to invest more stats into it in order to achieve higher crit rate. 60% is where it’s simply not worth investing anymore into it.

If you want to look into getting different forms of defense, I can suggest having at least 20% of each.

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