Crimson locked out of Misty on Mushin

Since when one server become one sided is fault of NC West ? Just because don’t have more channels ?

I came from a NCSoft Game called Lineage 2 one of the game with more hardcore and open world pvp oriented content, there clans fight for epic raid bosses that could sell for IRL money for thousands of dollars (Valakas Necklace for example, not only this but also fight for hero status (that give money and power) castles and so on).

In Lineage 2 you know how many channels there was? just 1 if you wanted 1 spot to farm you had to fight for it and not “just change channel” carebear style (or go hide inside an instanced dungeon).

Is not fault of NCWest you are locked out of Misty Woods, is not their job put more channels just because of it.

The solution for this problem and for make the game more fun and with at least some open world pvp is the same it was in Lineage: us PLAYERS as community split sides and make the server full of fun open world pvp, just like many times you could see in Lineage2.

In Lineage2 ofc many times ended up one clan making alliances and zerging other side for can control the server and make Blade And Soul Gold, BUT also many times when the game/server become dead or not fun people start split alliances/clans for have some competition and fun, that is the solution and not put more channels so you can just farm in peace.

You should be happy in have “only” 3 channels, it’s our fault if server become one sided not NC West.

Even if we can find any reason that make it a problem of NCWest, honestly NCWest have much bigger problems to take care of first. And personally I am against any kind of decision that kill open world pvp, one thing this game lacks a lot already.


In Lineage 2 depending in the political situations of server you could be locked out an epic raid boss that droped a Jewellery that worth thousands of dollars for months or even 1 year+( or locked out the best xp spots, or hero status, or a castle). When people was not happy about it they not go to NCSoft asking for more channels, more closed dungeons(there was not even 1 closed dungeon in game in the 4+ years I played it), more hero spots or more castles, you know what they did ? fight for it.

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