ABout upgrading to true pirate in BNS

So, I guess that many of you guys now know that we’re going to be able to “skip” some weapons at the level 50 patch.
As it is obviousely cheaper to do the upgrade now, I was going to go to true pirate on my KFM, just so I can jump over some weapons with the level 50 patch.

I just arrived to Awakened Pirate level 5. And I’m like wow. It costs SO MUCH. It’s 10 moonwater stones now.. 100 war token, again soulstones, and 25 golds.. ok.

Is there a path to skip weapons if I stay at awakened pirate or do I absolutely need to get to true pirate?
And, if I have to go to true pirate, do I have to have it level 10 before the patch or Can I stay at 0?

Because I only have 1 char right now but I plan to play WL a lot if not even making it my main char.

WHat do you guys think? I’ve ran out of tears, stones and all of BNS Gold.. Like it just cost me 40 moonwaters or someting to get here + Awakened Jewels..

At 50 cap True Siren goes to True Devil (oathbreaker). Awakened Pirate goes to True Pirate like normal. Then True Pirate goes to True Gale (breeze).

Don’t forget the 230 soulstones too but yeah it’s expensive but True Pirate is the strongest weapon we can get at 45 cap. Also like Jem said wait until 50 cap it gets worse lol.

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