Sadly the only way to stop RMT forever would be to make ffxiv gil pointless

Sadly the only way to stop RMT forever would be to make ffxiv gil pointless. Make housing acquired through achievements rather than Cheap FFXIV Gil (like, points, buy with company seals and whatnot), negate all forms of trading between players (to prevent win selling), and maybe turn the market board into an NPC that players supply and who sells the items supplied on a first-come, first-served basis at a price set up by the game and not by ourselves (example: I trade 3 potions that the NPC automatically sells for 20 Final Fantasy XIV Gil, but two other players traded potions before me, so I have to wait for their own to be sold before mine can be bought by someone), to stop people from selling minions or rare loot at absurd prices.

Housing, clears, rare items. For as long as these things keep asking for millions, people will need millions, and they will look to ffxiv gil buying on ff14gilhub.

(Materia used to be in the list of gil sinks, but SE is thankfully making them not required with the Scrips system incoming in 3.0)

Eh, I haven’t bought or farmed Shards in a loooooooong time, and not because I don’t use them…


Those two extra (pay2win) Retainers being Miner/Botanists gets me all the Shards/Crystals I’ll ever need. As long as SE doesn’t suddenly make Ventures difficult to accrue I’ll only ever have to lift a finger to get Clusters, but it’s more likely come Lv60 they can even farm those for me…

Were I less lazy and less tasteful, I’d be posting a LimeGuy meme with Shards/Ventures right now. Seriously though, I find Ventures for Shards to be incredibly useful, you may want to look Cheap FFXIV Gil into doing that. Everyone may… I don’t know how RMT can own the Shard market when my Retainers can bleed Shards… Do people prefer getting HQ Hippo skins every 18 hours or something?

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